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AUSCAN 3.1 Index

Australian/Canadian Hand Osteoarthritis Index

The AUSCAN Index is a self-administered questionnaire that assesses the three dimensions of pain, disability and joint stiffness in hand osteoarthritis using a battery of 15 questions. Scaled on 5-point Likert, 100mm Visual Analog and 11-box Numerical Rating Scales, the AUSCAN 3.1 is a valid, reliable and responsive measure of outcome. The index has been subject to validation studies which have addressed the following clinimetric issues:

AUSCAN 3.1 User Guide

Use of AUSCAN 3.1 Index is supported by the latest version of the User Guide. AUSCAN User Guide V contains information about index derivation, specific clinimetric issues, formatting, index presentation, and score calculation.

Click here to review the AUSCAN 3.1 User Guide's Table of Contents .

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